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If you can walk and count to eight, you can learn to dance.

Bride & Groom First Dance
Father Daughter Dance
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Two Left Feet?
Social Dance Lessons
Have Fun on the Dance Floor
Private & Semi Private lessons
Wedding First Dance
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Fun relaxed atmosphere, never 
share a floor.  Privates & semi privates available, call for appointment.

Private Lessons
There is no substitute for working one-on-one with an instructor to accelerate your learning experience, it's the quickest way to learn and be confident on the dance floor. 
With one-on-one instruction  each lesson will specifically work on your needs at  your pace with the dance you choose. Private lessons also prevent you from developing bad habits early on that may take a long time to undo.  Privates can  be scheduled to work with your schedule at your convenience.

If your planning a cruise, have a wedding or party coming up private lessons can prepare you with basics to keep you on the dance floor all night long.

Private lessons available at the rate of $50.00 per hour, or take a semi private with friends, $50.00 up to 5 students each additional student is $10.00 per person.  Semi private lessons allow students to develop together and share the cost.

Country Two Step - Country Couples - Swing - Night Club Two Step Waltz -  Fox Trot - Wedding Dance - and more.... 

                   Testimonial   By Rick 

Cindy Donaldson is one of the best instructors that I have found for learning to social dance or for improving your dance experience. Through her passion for dance, patience and experience, she can take a beginner with two left feet and turn them into dancers that others admire. In class she provides demonstrations with clear instructions on performing the steps or routines and exhibits a willingness to help individuals or couples as needed. Not only that, her fun-loving attitude and down-to-earth nature make her very approachable and the classes very enjoyable.  Cindy, I salute you!  Rick

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